Groomsport Parish Church is one of a small group of ecclesiastical buildings which is unique in Ireland.  They were originally built as Chapels of Ease and Groomsport Parish Church (1842) has a wealth of unique features which are well worth the visitor’s time. The Church building is open every day from 9am to 6pm.

As part of the Groomsport Parish Church Refurbishment Project, we are offering guided tours of the Church and environs. These will be conducted by a member from a team of trained guides led by a qualified Blue Badge Tour Guide. Tours will be provided on request, giving at least two week’s notice. There is no formal charge for this service.  We ask that a tour booking be confirmed by phone or email 24 hours before arrival.

Any group or individuals wishing to avail of this novel opportunity should apply to:

Colin Crozier Mobile : 07772080796, Email :

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