Concert of Celebration March 2019

Bangor Grammar School Chamber Choir and Jazz Band

Well, if we didn’t exactly raise the roof, it certainly hovered.  Under the expert and dedicated leadership of Paul O’Reilly and Claire Buchanan, the Jazz Band and Chamber Choir of Bangor Grammar School provided an evening of joyful vocal and instrumental music on Friday 18 March.  The variety of the repertoire was perfectly balanced between sacred and secular, modern and classical and the overall performances were just wonderful. There were over one hundred and fifty in the audience and we had fifty boys taking part.  The way in which the pieces were introduced, with little human interest stories about how some of them were chosen by the boys themselves, added to the atmosphere of the event.

The boys started to arrive just after 8.30 am and they rehearsed extremely hard all day.  They were given a break at around 10.30 am and permitted to go to the Spar.  Imagine the faces of the staff when a swarm of boys in BGS uniform descended on the sweet and crisp counters!!  Lunch consisting of hot dogs, soft drinks, crisps and chocolate was served in the Hall by Freda and David Scott.  The boys demonstrated their appreciation by scoffing it in minutes.

The ladies of the Mothers’ Union welcomed everyone to the Hall afterwards, where they served a delightful supper.

The concert was an overwhelming success and we are indebted to Elizabeth Huddleson, the Principal of Bangor Grammar School for her generous support in allowing this performance to take place in our church.

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